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CORCHEM® 207 Solventless Lining

Product Code: C207
CORCHEM® 207 Solventless Lining

CORCHEM® 207 has been developed for severe immersion service environments.  It is suitable for application by both airless and conventional spray methods unlike other 100% solids materials that are intended only for application by plural component spray equipment.  CORCHEM® 207 is formulated to cure at ambient temperatures and to be extremely adhesive, hard, tough, and abrasion resistant.  This unique product offers the high performance, rapid return-to-service, and savings from a 100% volume solids lining.  It provides a similar pot-life to solvent bearing materials and is faster curing at ambient temperatures in both shop and field application environments.  CORCHEM® 207 is a 100% solids replacement for standard solvent bearing “high solids” linings.  The principal use is a corrosion resistant lining for storage vessels, railcars, tank trucks, heater treaters, free water knockouts, separators, frac tanks, clarifiers, filters, piping and processing equipment handling oil field products at elevated temperature and pressure including hot sour crude, brine waters, and drilling muds It will provide a high degree of protection against corrosive moisture, fumes, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane gases, industrial water and wastewater solutions containing salts, detergents, many acids, alkalis, and other chemicals.  Use as a heavy-duty chemical resistant protective lining.  The polymer structure is extremely chemical resistant and reinforced with laminar flake pigments. 

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