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NOVA™ 301 Epoxy Flooring

Product Code: N301
NOVA™ 301 Epoxy Flooring

Nova™ 301 is an advanced technology diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A resin reacted with a unique modified multiple ring cycloaliphatic amine adduct activator. The polymer structure is extremely tough with excellent chemical resistance and is reinforced with non-toxic color stable weather resistant pigments, laminar flake pigments, and a select blend of angular aggregates. It is an exceptionally attractive 1/4-inch mortar epoxy flooring system designed to provide sealing and protection of substrates and surfaces that will be exposed to severe chemical and physical environments. It is formulated to be adhesive, hard, tough, impact and abrasion resistant. The cured coating conforms to United States Department of Agriculture requirements for coatings in incidental contact with food.

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